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NEWS 2013


!!! MATING PLANNED FOR CCA FEBRUARY 2014 !!! - more here



We are sorry to announce something turned bad and there are going to be no pupsWe change nothing on out plans and the same mating is planned for next Chamba´s heat in cca February.

During longer time without updating we were pleased with nice results of Icy - Ice Ice Baby "Ajsyna" TT - owner:  Koťátkovi
3.8.13 - Sauda Cup - Kolín - 3rd in A final - results here
31.8.13 - Bohemian RCh. - Kolín - 3rd in A final  - results here
14.9.13 - Moravian RCh. - Lednice - 2nd in A final - results here
5.10.13 - MB Grand Prix - Mladá Boleslav - 4th in A final - results here




Int. CZ Championship, CACIL - Mladá Boleslav - 16.6.13: finally real summer weather, nice racing day

Chambawamba TT- owner: fam. Kadlec - rising form with oncoming 100 days from her heat, slight loss on weight helped as well. Chamba missed the A final in the top Czech race but wan consolation brilliantly in very good time 23,44.






 Gilardino "Dino" TT - owner: Eliška Venclů - 2nd place seniors

Grande Tequila "Teq" TT - owner: fam Navratil - 4th place seniors- seniors raced mixed. Esp. Dino looks very "youthfull" in the company of old girls and boys. He changed his style of racing and is now typical in-runner - a pity it crossed his mind so late






2-Dino, 4-Teq

5-Dino, 2-Teq

- results here; photos: here 


Bas Maijsren nat. - Oude Pekela, NL - 9.6.13:

Idoya Chanell "Megan" TT - owner: fam Negenman, NL - 1st place B class-_utf-8_q_5599-5f290673717735702-5f581751102-5fn.jpg





- results here


Int. NÖ - Meisterschaft, CACIL - Marchegg - 26.5.13: only 6 males and 6 females but quote good competition, nice sunny weather unlike several hundreds km faraway in Mlada Boleslav

Iaquinta TT - owner: Susanne Kunz, A - 2nd best time but bad start out of box No. 6 which is big disadvantage for inner racers esp. in Marchegg, 4th place "only"




photo: www.arh-marchegg.cz

Hagi "Hadžák" TT - owner: fam. Honska - Hadžák unlike Iaquinta started very well from box No. 1 in final and 4th place was success



photo: www.arh-marchegg.cz

 complete results - here

Grand Prix Bohemia, CACIL - Mladá Boleslav - 26.5.13: rain and cold wheather continues till now and brought several floods..

Grande Tequila TT - owner: fam. Navrátil - 2nd place in seniors




results here


Int. Austrian Championship, CACIL - Krenglbach, A - 19.5.13:

Iaquinta TT - owner: Susanne Kunz, A - fought out the title of int. Austrian RCh. and CACIL in strong int. competion




2 No. 4s in final - Hagi a Iaquinta TT

video from final race of females - here 
author: www.fancythat.cz

Hagi "Hadžák" TT - owner: fam. Honska - excellent 2nd place, res. CACIL and precious scalp of Dévaj Armagedon

video from final race of males - here
author: www.fancythat.cz

complete results here


Chambers "Rubi" TT - owners: Natalia and Alexandr Golizdrin - professional and distinguished TV star 



CACIL Coursing 2013 - Moskau, RUS:

Chambers "Rubi" TT - owners: Natalia and Alexandr Golizdrin - 1368421632_img_4341.jpg1st place and CACIL






int. Slovakian RCh.,CACIL, Rabapátona, H  - 11.5.13:

Like usually: rain, mosquitos, leaving the track at late evening hours and into bed at early morning hours, very nice int. competiotion, some owners of whippet male in A final could be disgrantled cause the leading Indalo caught a lure in the 3rd curve after the engine couldn´t work on wet rail; spite that I think there are many whippet owners that would love to be allowed to come to race to Raba for FCI races more often

Gilardino TT - owner: Eliška Venclů - 3rd in seniors

nat. Pojizerské derby - Mladá Boleslav - 12.5.13

Iaquinta TT - owner: Susanne Kunz, A - 5th place in A final - Iaquinta traveled from Austria to our track by train, wan both rounds and started with the 4th best time but in very tight final she couldn´t do more after bad start out of outside box

Ice Ice Baby "Ajsyna" TT - owner: fam. Kotatko- 5th place in consolation 

Chambawamba TT- owner: fam. Kadlec- 3rd place in consolation - as usual Chamba presented herself absolutely out of condition after her heat and a little too overfeeded

Grande Tequila TT - owner: fam. Navratil - 3rd in seniors


complete results here


Lednický pohár - nat. Lednice - 1.5.13:

Iaquinta TT - owner:Susanne Kunz, A - 3rd in A final


photo: S. Kunz

Ice Ice Baby "Ajsyna" TT - owner: fam. Koťátko - 6th place in consolation

results here


 int. Greppin - 21.4.13:

Hagi "Hadžák" TT - owner: fam.Honska - ...somebody has to be the last one (esp. in such really good int. competition) and without losers there would be no winners and Hadžak does not like the track in Greppin at all...

I have to mention what was going on at the other end of race list where  offspring of Finta TT from Bohemia Snap Dog kennel had the others for breakfast. Congratulation!

complete results here


Jarní pohár, nat.race - Kolín - 20.4.14:

Ice Ice Baby "Ajsyna" TT - owner: fam. Koťátko - 2nd in A final


Chambawamba TT
- owner: fam. Kadlec - 4th in A final

results here


Int.ARH-Trophy CACIL - Marchegg - 14.4.13:

Iaquinta TT - owner: Susanne Kunz, A - 2nd in A klasse, 23,33; spite very bad start and box No. 6 (see photos - Iaquinta under 4)


photo: www.arh-marchegg.at

Grande Tequila TT - owner: fam. Navratil - 3rd in seniors, 23,60

complete results here


...as the life goes....
Short after we had said good bye to Yaga, we welcome Albert into the world and thus our pack is as follows at the moment:











Yesterday, on August 10, 2013 Chamba was served to Dark Charger - we hope everything is going as easily as the mating and that we can expect pups to be born in the middle of October - details here

Another dog in our pack?








FCI European Coursingchampionship, D - 23.6.13:

Chambers "Rubi" TT - owner: Natalia and Alexandr Golizdrin, RUS - 35th place from 64 dogs

results here

nat. Cavom Ren - Oude Pekela, NL - 23.6.13:

Idoya Chanell "Megan" TT - owner: fam Negenman, NL - 1st place in B class

results here